Monday, May 9, 2011


Cover image of Fallen by Lauren Kate
I finished reading Fallen by Lauren Kate.

I had about 30 pages left to read in this book for so long, yet I just couldn`t seem to get it read. Not because I didn`t like it, but because I just could not find the time! I like to read before I go to bed, and every night I was getting to bed late and had to get up for work in the morning. Even though 30 pages isn`t a lot to read, I still have to commit a good 45 minutes or so. I just could not deprive myself of almost an hour of sleep. I`m already enough of a grump in the morning as it is! 

Even though it took me so long to finish it, I really did enjoy reading it. It was a little slow at times though, and I did find it to be very predictable.

The novel follows a young girl named Luce, she has recently been a part of a fire where the boy she was with died. She was neither proved guilty or innocent, therefore she is sent to a reform school. At this school she meets two boys, one who obviously likes her and seems like a really good guy, and the other who at times shows interest and other is outright rude to her. With her new friend Penn she looks into the latter`s past and tries to find out more about him. All the while she is seeing these shadow creatures, who she thinks started the fire that killed the boy.

I can`t really say much more without giving it away. Although, when my sister saw the title she guessed exactly what was going on. So I guess it`s not that hard to figure out.

Hopefully my description was helpful. I would recommend this book, but as usual; I would recommend it to a younger audience. Probably around the age of 14-18 would be good. 

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