Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bored? 100 Things to do...

I love making lists. It helps me destress sometimes. I also find it helps me open up my mind and creativity.
For those of you looking for something to do... Here is a list of 100 things to do when you're bored! I'm determined to think only of things that do not involve a television or computer!

  1. Read
  2. Go for a walk. (Wear a pedometer to see how many steps you take each day. Aim for 10 000 per day.)
  3. Call up a friend
  4. Bake
  5. Go shopping
  6. Teach yourself something new
  7. Do some gardening
  8. Go for a run
  9. Go to the gym or join a gym
  10. Draw

  11. Paint
  12. Go somewhere new and explore
  13. Take pictures
  14. Take a class
  15. Go swimming
  16. Find a new recipe and try it (your local library should have cook books)
  17. Listen to music
  18. Play cards
  19. Play a board game
  20. Write (anything from a journal entry or poem to a whole book!) 
  21. Walk your dog, if you don't have a dog call up a friend and ask if they want to walk their dog, or offer to walk a neighbour's
  22. Make a mini movie! Get some friends together and make a script. It sounds juvenile, but it is actually a lot of fun! When you watch it again some time later you won't be able to stop laughing! 
  23. Do a puzzle
  24. People watch at the park
  25. Clean!
  26. Make a scavenger/treasure hunt. Give it to some friends to try. Give the winner a prize.
  27. Learn crochet
  28. Learn to knit
  29. Prepare a picnic. Share it with a friend!
  30. Hot out? Water fight!!
  31. Write yourself a letter, put it away and read it again in a year, 5 years, or even 10 years from now!
  32. Make a fruit smoothie
  33. Is it snowing? Have a snowball fight, go sledding.
  34. Design your dream home
  35. Challenge yourself, write for 5 minutes straight. Don't stop, and don't erase or correct anything you write.  
  36. Play sudoku
  37. Play kakuro
  38. Do some push ups or sit ups. 
  39. Call, text, or write a letter to someone you've lost touch with. They'll be happy to hear from you!
  40. Do some laundry
  41. Sing at the top of your lungs and dance like a crazy person! You'll feel so much better after.
  42. Clean your fridge
  43. Try a new restaurant
  44. Go grocery shopping. Buy a food that you don't normally try. 
  45. Volunteer
  46. Make a shopping list
  47. Give yourself a makeover
  48. Make a collage
  49. Meditate. It'll clear your mind. 
  50. Do Yoga, you can find poses on the internet and on youtube
  51. Do a crossword
  52. Make some tea and relax
  53. Make your own pizza! 
  54. Fill a box of things to give away or to sell at a garage sale
  55. Plan your next vacation
  56. Make a to do list for the next week
  57. Go for a bike ride
  58. Make a bucket list
  59. Play a prank on someone 
  60. Join a club or new acitivity
  61. Make a scrapbook
  62. Go to a museum
  63. Go camping!
  64. Learn to sew. Make a blanket or something!
  65. Prepare this weeks meals in advance
  66. Get some friends, have a paper airplane contest. Bet on it. 
  67. Start composting
  68. Learn a new language
  69. Toss a frisbee with a friend. Or football. 
  70. Make a list of things to get people for Christmas
  71. Make a wish list for Christmas
  72. Learn to play an instrument
  73. Plan a road trip with your friends
  74. Read the newspaper. Get up to date on current events.
  75. Join a book club
  76. Buy a new magazine
  77. Build a fort!
  78. Stargaze
  79. Go to your local theater and watch a play
  80. Go skating or rollerblading
  81. Go to a pool hall and play some pool
  82. Go kayaking
  83. Help someone out
  84. Make your own puzzle
  85. Put pictures in frames and decorate your place
  86. Go play laser tag!
  87. Jump rope! It's really good exercise, and really good for a healthy heart!
  88. Pamper yourself, give yourself a manicure and facial or, even better, go get it done!
  89. Study! If you're a student , study for school. If you aren't you should then study something new. 
  90. Go to the used book store, pick up a bunch of books. You can find some real jems there, for really cheap.
  91. Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. If it's cold up, bundle up and make a cup of hot chocolate!
  92. Say hi and start talking to someone new.
  93. Try fencing! It's fun!
  94. Start a business plan
  95. Try martial arts
  96. Do Qi Gong or Tai Chi. You can find videos on youtube. 
  97. Listen to an audio book (You can do this while you do a number of other thing,eg. cleaning, going for a walk, pampering yourself...)
  98. Make a recipe book full of your favourite recipes
  99. Bob-It! Best game ever! You can play it alone, or with someone. Warning: It's very
    1. Write your own list of 100!

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