TV Series

I thought that I would list some of the TV shows that I have grown to love over the years, as well as a quick summary.

  • Veronica Mars - This show is about a girl living in a small ish town where her best friend was killed one year ago. Her father is the ex sheriff turned private eye. Throughout the series Veronica finds her best friends true killer, as well as solving many mysteries along the way. Veronica also struggles with keeping friends and her past relationships. 

  • Gossip Girl - Based on the popular book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. It's about 6 teens going to a private school on the Upper East Side.

  • 90210 - A spin off of the original series from the 90's, this series is about 8 friends in high school, living in Beverly Hills. This show is the typical teen drama, and very addicting. 

  • The Vampire Diaries - Based on the series by LJ Smith, this show is about Elena, a girl who is torn between two vampire brothers. It follows the lives of her and her friends who get deeper and deeper into the supernatural world and fight to stay alive. 

  • The Office - This show is hilarious! It follows the day to day lives of a small company that sells paper. Throughout the show you really grow to love all the characters, they are just so ridiculous. Although, I must admit, in the beginning it was a little hard to watch because one of the characters was just so painfully embarrassing. I've probably seen every single episode at least 3 times! 

  • Modern Family - Again, this show is hilarious. It follows the lives of one big family, (3 generations). I highly recommend this show.

  • How I Met Your Mother - This show is about 6 friends who live in New York. It's a lot like the show Friends.

  • Pretty Little Liars - This show is about four friends who receive mysterious messages from someone who goes by the name of "A," one  year after the murder of their best friend. Throughout the show they try to find out who A is while struggling with the drama of their day to day lives.  

  • Degrassi: The Next Generation - Basically this show is about a large group of teens attending Degrassi Community School. The show focuses on a lot of teen issues. 

  • The Big Bang Theory - This show is about 2 nerdy men that live together, their 2 nerdy friends, and the hot woman that moves in next door. It's quite funny.

  • The Real World - 8 people (used to be 7) are picked to live in a house together for a few months and cameras follow them around while they get drunk, party, and along the way learn a lot about themselves. 

  • Glee - About students at a high school that join the glee club. It's quite funny. 

  • Grey's Anatomy - About a bunch of people working in a hospital while they struggle to keep their friendships/relationships alive, as well as their patients.

  • Private Practice - A spin off of Grey's Anatomy. This story is based in L.A. in a small medical practice, where 6 doctors work together to help couples get pregnant. It is a lot more upbeat than Grey's Anatomy. 

  • Lost - This show is crazy! A plane, full of people, crashes on an island where the surviving passengers fight to stay alive. Some crazy stuff happens on this island. 

  • Weeds - This show is about a widow who sells weed in her neighbourhood. Throughout the series she gets deeper into dealing weed and winds up in a lot of trouble. 

  • True Blood - Based on the Southern Vampire series, by Charlaine Harris, this show is about, a telepath, Sookie Stackhouse. In a world where vampires are out in the open, Sookie meets her first vampire, Bill, and falls for him. Throughout the series she gets deeper into the vampire world and gets herself into quite a bit of trouble.