Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skins Controversy

Skins US
Whoa, I had no idea there was such a huge controversy about this show in the US. Apparently the content is too mature to be shown on MTV and is not appropriate for teens. My opinion? That's crazy!

Okay, some of the content on this show is a little bit mature, but it's no worse than any other show, in my opinion. Think about Jersey Shore! Just because it's not scripted doesn't mean that it's any more acceptable. Does it? In every episode they talk about sex, or more specifically "getting it in." How is that any more acceptable? Because they are adults? Doesn't mean that your teen considers them as adults, and won't mimic it.

I personally think that people are overreacting to this show's content. Parents are saying that it's not appropriate for their children and then they let them watch shows like Jersey Shore and The Real World.

 I guess the issue is that the actors are younger, and people are saying it's like child pornography. But here's the truth, had these actors been older, and in their 20's like every other show. People would be complaining about how the actors are too old to be playing teens. The fact that the actors in this show are the proper age is part of what sets it apart from every other show. 

If you've seen the UK version you wouldn't be complaining. It is three times worse. All I have to say to the people complaining is, go watch a couple of episodes of the UK version of the show, and then tell me that you still think that MIV's Skins is innapropriate for teens. And don't say it's not the same because that show isn't American. It still airs in the US and any teen with an internet connection can find and watch it online.

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