Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jersey Shore or Jersey Bore??

Cast of Jersey Shore
Snooki, Mike (The Situation), Jenn (JWow), Ronnie, Deena,
Pauly D Sammi, Vinnie
(From left to right)
I was catching up on my Jersey shore tonight... aka I had nothing better to do! I really just don't know what to think about this show, it's slightly entertaining because these people are so dumb, but it's mostly just sad and embarrassing to watch.

Which makes me wonder how is it possible that this is the show that is the most watched show on MTV, ever! Is it because people need to know that there are people out there more pathetic than themselves? Is it that we need that feeling of superiority? I really just don't know, and I find it sad that even I have been pulled into this crazy show.

Although, I am proud to admit that I have only seen a total of 5 episodes (3 this season, 1 from the first, and 1 from the second). I have a friend, who up until a week ago had never even heard of Jersey Shore, I was just like "Are you living under a rock?!" I mean, how can you have never heard of this show? People talk about it everywhere I go.

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