Saturday, January 29, 2011


Characters from Skins series 1 
So I've started watching a new show; it's called skins. It was originally a British show and is on it's fifth season, I think, in the UK. Now, America has decided to do a remake. So far, there are only two episodes, and I think I'm already hooked. Although, I have to admit, it doesn't take me a lot to get hooked on a new show. Just a bit of teen drama and I'm in!

I watched the episodes this morning, and after the first one I wasn't exactly impressed. I thought the acting was kind of forced. But I've found that the first couple episodes of shows are usually pretty shaky so I decided to give it another shot, and watch the second one. I was pleasantly surprised, I think it really picked up in the second episode and can't wait for the third!

The show is about a group of teens living in Baltimore. It talks about sex, drugs, love, and friendships. From what I can tell, the show follows a different character every episode. I watched the first two episodes of the original, UK version as well, and the first episode is pretty much an exact remake, as well as the characters. The second, on the other hand, follows a different character than the UK's second episode, so I think that they just used the first episode as a jumping off point.

Characters from Skins series 3 & 4
The US version plays on MTV on Monday nights. Unfortunately it doesn't air in Canada, so us Eskimos will have to watch it online. Hopefully MTV Canada will pick it up!

In my opinion this show has a lot of promise, I have heard many good things about the UK version and am off to watch it now!

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