Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Blogger Application!

I made a delicious breakfast this morning. And I just downloaded this new mobile Blogger app for my phone. Which is an Android and I love it.
Anyways, I wanted to give my new app a try. So this is the lovely breakfast that I made for myself.
It's 2 eggs with spinach, celery, and onion. Very healthy! And super delicious! I love eggs. I always put onion in them too, sometimes I add some cayenne pepper which makes it extra a delicious and adds a nice kick to it too.

Seems like an okay application. Easy for blogging on the run. But you can't really write anything substantial. It would take way too long. So I think that this app will be good for the base idea of the post and they you will have to come back to it and fix it up/add to it when you are at an actual computer. Unfortunately the picture quality is pretty bad! So this app is definitely going to need some work.

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