Monday, October 10, 2011

Mobina Galore

A friend of mine introduced me to this lovely band the other day. They are called Mobina Galore and they are awesome.

The band is made up of two young women. They have a similar sounds to Tegan and Sara mixed with the Distillers. I seriously think that everyone should check them out! And demand that they come to Vancouver!

Here is there myspace so that you can check them out. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a lot on youtube, but I did find this accoustic song. It's called City Lights, it's got a really nice sound to it. Hope you like it!. Just a head up the quality isn't the greatest.

Click ^^ to demand that they come to Vancouver!! I really want them to come! I think that they are a great up and coming band and really have a chance to make it! Let's show them some support!

(For some reasons I just can't get that bottom of the demand it box to line up properly. I'm no html genius, so I did the best with the code they gave me!)

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