Saturday, October 15, 2011

HDR - Photography

Sometimes I just love going on Flickr and finding random pictures. I've come across a bunch of really cool HDR ones and I just thought I'd share a couple of my favourite. (I saved the best for last)

HDR - Construction Site
HDR - Lonsdale Quay on a Gloomy Day
The above two are by a user name penguin_bisque. I really like them. They just look really amazing to me.

From a user named Smithers360.

HDR porn
Daily Record
I really really like this one. It's by mapgoblin.

HDR Sunset
This one is really beautiful. It's by -yury-.

HDR Truck
Truck in Snow
This is a great one. By mtbkanata

I think this one is probably my favourite. It is by jillbeninato. A lot of this person's recent posts (August 18th 2010 - guess they haven't been active in a while) are really cool! I would definitely recommend checking them out.

I had a really hard time only picking the seven that I did. I could post these for days. But I knew I needed to limit myself. I just love HDR! It's so cool! I am in no way a photographer, I honestly don't know the first thing about photography. Apart from click the button to take the picture. But I am a fan of photography. I know that everyone has different tastes. Hopefully you share mine and like these too!

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