Sunday, November 20, 2011


I just a read a book called Divergent written by Veronica Roth. It's a dystopian novel. It has been compared to The Hunger Games quite a bit, which is the reason I read it. However, in my opinion, it didn't even come close to as good. I did still enjoy reading the book. I mean, I started it yesterday and finished it earlier today. Obviously, if I finished it in under 24 hours, I must have enjoyed it.

This is the first book in a trilogy, I believe the second one, called Insurgent, is coming out in May (2012). There is also talk of a movie being made. Summit Entertainment has bought the rights to it. (They created Twilight) According to IMDB, it's coming out in 2015. I could see that getting pushed back though.

The book is set in the future, when the world, well actually I think it's Chicago because she mentions a building that used to be called the Sears Tower. Anyways, the city is divided into five factions, think of them as almost religions/cultures/mini societies within the city. The first is Abnegation, where the main idea is to be selfless, so thinking of others before yourself. The second is Erudite, where they strive for knowledge. The third; Candor, in this factions honesty is valued above all else. Dauntless is the fourth, where bravery and fearlessness are of most importance. And finally, the peaceful faction; Amity.

Once a year all of the 16 year olds have to be tested to see which faction they belong to. The next day, you decide which faction you will belong to for the rest of your life. Generally, people stay in the faction they were born into, but not always.  From there you start initiation, which lasts 30 days, if you can endure it.

This story is about Beatrice, a 16 year old born into Abnegation. She must choose to stay with her family or being who she really is. During her initiation Beatrice fights to survive and become of a member of her faction, all the while keeping a secret about herself that will put her in serious danger if the wrong person finds out.

Meanwhile the factions are not all getting along very well and Beatrice discovers there is something off about how things are being run. She knows that she has to do something about it. But what? And how?

I must add that there is also some romance in this book. Not a ton, but enough to satisfy me. Not going to lie, it was my favourite thing about the book, as usual. I'm a sucker for that stuff.
I would definitely recommend this book, but maybe to a bit of a younger audience. I'm 21 and I enjoyed it, but I did kind of feel like I was a little too old for it.

"One choice can transform you."

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