Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Up in Smoke

Tonight's episode of 90210 was, in my opinion, a great start for season 4. I was especially thankful for the "previously on" because I couldn't remember a thing about what had happened at the end of last season. Basically what happened was Naomi thought she was pregnant, Liam left to go on a fishing excursion, Ivy and Raj got married, and nothing too significant happened to the rest of the gang. I think that Dixon went on tour or something?? I wasn't too clear on that.

The way the episode kicked off was great. At the doctor's office. I was really disappointed in Max's reaction when the doctor gave them the news. But, to be fair, what can you expect from a 18 year old. It really got good after the opening credits, a couple of minutes in, when Liam came into the picture. Like, Really Liam? That's how you ask the girl you love to marry you? "Okay, I'm ready, let's do this!" Did you really think that that would work? If Annie truly was the love of your life then you would know that that is not the way that she would want to be proposed to.

Poor Naomi, trying so hard to forget about Max. Every one just keeps bringing him up. Naomi, let's be honest here, you have major boy ADD and I think that in a few months you would have been over Max anyways.

I'm so proud of Teddy! He finally came out to his dad. Even though it was over the phone. Sometimes it's just to hard to tell someone face to face. I think that its just important that he did it. I hope his dad understands.

Finally the Adrianna drama! That's the best part of the show! I was so happy when she was the one that walked out of the washroom. I can't decide if she is truly genuine. At first I thought maybe, and then she came out of Dixon's roommate's room and that just doesn't seem like something that someone who has changed would do. So I'm going to go with no, Adrianna is still a backstabbing whore. Just the way we like her.

Things were just not going well for Naomi this episode. First the everything with Max, then getting shut down at the beach, and then her party bombed. Especially with all the weed, oh man, that's going to me a disaster. I can't believe Navid's sister though, how did she not learn her lesson the first time? Idiot.

So, I always wondered how these kids got their alcohol. And now we know! They pay the bartender copious amounts of dollars for copious amounts of liquor! Finally the mystery is solved.

All in all, this episode was a great way to kick off the new season. And a great started for all the upcoming shows. Vampire Diaries starts Thursday! Woot woot!

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