Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When I Die

To those of you who really loved the latest season of True Blood all I can say is this: Please, stop reading now, or you may be severely disappointed. To those who were as disappointed as me, or at least think they were, read on my friends! I'll be honest, I liked how the season started off, they stayed fairly true to the book. Oh wait, no they didn't. The only thing they kept from the book was that there were witched and Eric lost his memory. But, only for a fraction of the time he did in the book. This season was just an all around disappointment.

Maybe, the reason I was so unimpressed was because between season 3 and 4 I was feeling a little True Blood withdrawal and decided to read all of the books (well, 1-9.) I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons and really enjoyed Eric in them *wink*wink*. However this season just did not live up to its full potential. 

First of all, there was not enough Sookie drama for me, by that I mean the love stuff. Whether it be Eric, Bill, or Alcede - personally I prefer Eric - they gave us practically nothing! Let's just all be honest here, at least all of the women out there, half the reason we watch this show is to see that! Maybe I'm wrong, maybe its just because I'm still young and love all of the love triangle crap. But I love the way HBO puts an adult spin on it. 

Second, the whole witch thing was done way differently then in the book. Which I understand they are obviously going to change stuff - and they have in past seasons, and it has worked well for them - and although Fiona Shaw did an amazing job as Marnie, I really just didn't dig the way they spun it. There were supposed to be evil twins, a brother and a sister, but instead reincarnation? That's just going to far for me. 

Third, and most importantly I might add. Eric. I loved the third book the most because of Eric. They just butchered it. I probably wouldn't have even minded so much if they had just taken away his memory of what happened during the period he lost his memory. Wait, does that make sense? Well, in the book, when he finally gets his memory back, he doesn't remember anything from when he lost his memory. It drives him absolutely crazy not knowing what happened between him and Sookie, and he knows that something happened. I feel like that would have made great TV.

That is most of what really bothered me about season 4. One thing that I am happy about, and I feel kind of bad about this, is that Tara is dead! Or at least, that's how they made it seem. Who knows. Maybe Eric or Bill, or both will have heard her screaming, and felt Sookie's pain and come running and feed Tara their blood. We shall see. 
One thing that I really liked was Pam. I love Pam. She's awesome. I really appreciated how they let us in a little more. We saw her softer side in the end. I thing it was much needed.

I must say, I absolutely loved Arlene's daughter's Halloween costume! Two thumbs way up! 

One other note, Sookie was looking really good this season. I feel weird saying it, but in almost every episode I remember noting how pretty she looked. So good job to the make up people! And of course to Anna Paquin, as she is a beautiful person. 

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